Hola! We are Jim and Jane Ann (aka Jaime y Juanita) currently living in Bogotá, Colombia.

If you don’t already know us, we’re fifty-somethings that have successfully launched four children. And, perhaps like you, we are seeking something new and different from life. In this blog we want to share ourselves, deciding to be expatriates, teaching English abroad, and creating a new life in Colombia. This site is for those of you who want an adventure, but don’t know where to start, or for those of you that want to live vicariously through us.

Random Facts about Juanita:

  • I love the mountains. Also the ocean, lakes and waterfalls.
  • I love to craft, but don’t know how to crochet. I don’t like to cook.
  • I love hanging out in libraries and bookstores. I especially love a bookstore where I can drink coffee and sit in an overstuffed chair for hours.
  • I began playing the viola at age 10. And still play today.
  • I love dark chocolate. And red wine. And I especially love them together. Often.
  • I don’t like piña coladas or getting caught in the rain.
  • I am a dog person. I love golden retrievers and have owned two. I currently own a stuffed animal golden puppy named Rufus.
  • Jaime and I dated in high school. We reconnected in 2001 and married in 2002.
  • My favorite movie of all time is the Sound of Music. I know all the parts and music by heart. Really.

Random Facts about Jaime:

  • I was born in Red Bluff, California, the rodeo mecca of the west.
  • I love to cook, particularly regional rural recipes, and investigate new flavor combinations.
  • I enjoy literature, music, big red wine, and finely distilled spirits.
  • I enjoy photography and hope to bring to you a photo-record of Colombia’s flora, fauna, and geography.
  • I am a cat person and have been owned by numerous cats.

Welcome to your journey. Feel free to comment on our posts or email us.

¡Muchas Gracias! ¡Salud!


Living abroad in Bogota


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We are Jim and Jane Ann Engel.